How to Be a Good Manager?

good manager
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Being a good manager is hard work. That is a known fact by anyone who has ever tried managing a team of work colleagues. For a team to work harmoniously, it must have a good leader or, in other terms, a good manager if we are to connect this with office life. It takes a lot of effort and excellent critical thinking skills to succeed in this position. Moreover, one must have the experience to guide a team of office workers. If a person does not have the experience to be a manager, that person must seek guidance from someone who has managed groups of people working together. 

If a company can establish a good manager, that company is sure to prosper because of the various aspects in which a manager follows. Managers must establish their voices in the teams they are assigned to because these managers are the ones who will be leading these groups of people. Without a manager, an office may experience mayhem because no one is there to facilitate what they do and if what they are doing is correct or not.

With all that stated, below are five ways anyone can follow to be a good manager.


One of the primary goals of a manager is to establish an organized work environment for his officemates. When the leader of a group is able to organize the various projects and tasks his/her team will be working on, the work environment for everyone in the group will be peaceful. It would be rare for anyone to butt heads if their work environment is free from messed up activities.

Not Take Things Personally

Everyone has their own personalities and, sometimes, people clash. Even good managers struggle having to work with others that have personalities in which people can clash with. The trick is not to take things personally and let criticism flow through. No one is perfect. This is why people need to be reminded that, sometimes, we make mistakes. We should also be reminded of the tasks we should be doing at hand and put our feelings aside for later.

Efficient Communication

A good manager is someone who can effectively communicate with his colleagues and is the bridge between his fellow teammates for whenever a conflict has surfaced into the group. He/she must also inform his colleagues regularly of their project’s progress. This helps motivate the team because of the visual that they get of the progress they have made so far in the projects they do. Moreover, good managers should be able to voice out the mistakes of his teammates in a constructive way so as not to bring down the spirits of his fellow workmates and to encourage them to do better.

Instill Motivation

A good manager instills motivation to his team. This is to encourage them to do their jobs in the most efficient way possible. Office work is inherently stressful and people need time to wind down and relax so that they would not go crazy over the ominous workload that work life provides. A good manager should give sufficient break times for his/her work colleagues. It is also an added bonus if the manager treats his fellow officemates to food such as donuts and pizza. Office workers would appreciate gestures like that because it is the little things that count in life.

Establish Relationships

It is known in the office world that when communicating with others, everyone should be formal and create only transactional relationships. However, a good manager establishes genuine relationships with his team because the team will be going through many work trials. All the sweat and tears that the group endures will be worth it when they all know that everyone is there for each other. Professionalism is still the name of the game in the office life. However, establishing relationships with the team can lead to the formation of a work family.