What Are The Major Restaurant POS Systems?

point of sale system
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Before we get to know what the major restaurant POS systems are, we must first define what a restaurant POS system is first and how it operates. The POS acronym stands for “point of sale’. The restaurant POS system is an operating system that functions as a virtual customer service assistant. This operating system is incorporated into a computer device that is set up in the dining area of the restaurant. The restaurant staff uses this while catering to the customers.

The way it works is that as customers sit themselves down or are ushered to their reserved seats in the restaurant’s dining area, the staff inputs that data into the restaurant POS system. The staff indicates in the added data which area specific customers sit down. As the waiters and waitresses take the orders of customers, they go back to the computer device that has the restaurant POS system and input the orders into it. This operating system is also used in the tracking of payments and the promotions of the restaurant. Moreover, it is also used to secure good quality restaurant management by keeping in check the restaurant reports and stocks.

This operating system is crucial in the quality service control of a restaurant because of its easily accessible approach. Customers are able to receive their food in the quickest way possible and the staff gets to bring in more customers through this method.

As mentioned earlier, there are many restaurant POS systems one can avail on the internet. The following are five of the major ones in the industry.

Square POS

Square POS is preferable for small-scale, fast-service companies and businesses. This is because this restaurant POS system company abides in their many features such as brand recognition, a reliable customer support system, and profitable pricing lists. The layout of the software is easily understandable, making it easy to manage. It is also known for its menu organization and customization and customer feedback features. If one were to strike a deal with Square POS, that person must pay $60 every month.


TouchBistro is a famous restaurant POS system company because of its endless work with many well-known and prominent brands. This is because of its simple and versatile visual interface. Restaurant staff and workers will not have a hard time using this system software. TouchBistro is also known for its efficient inventory management and bill splitting features. Customers that come in big groups, after all, are notorious for splitting the bill and it pressures the staff. This bill splitting feature is distinct only to TouchBistro. It costs $69 every month.

Revel POS

Revel POS is preferably used in chain restaurants because of its focus on giving customers the best quality service a restaurant can provide. Chain restaurants are known for their many customers and this restaurant POS system company is concentrated on that. Its fundamental features include offline mode, enhanced financial and inventory management, and self-checkout. This operating system is priced at $99 every month.


AccuPOS is grounded on a fast and efficient concept in restaurant management. The software system of this restaurant POS system company runs in every kind of mobile and desktop device, granting restaurant owners and corporations flexibility in the kinds of devices they can use for order and payment tracking in their restaurants. When acquiring AccuPOS’s POS system, one must pay $99 every month. For every other station, that person must add an additional $35 to the total payment.

Cake POS

Cake POS contains many different features that will greatly benefit not only the restaurant staff but also the customers of a restaurant. Several vital components of this system are gift card benefits for the customers and the guest manager add-on and waitlist management features for the staff. This system is priced at $138 every month.